Stonemason Lodge

Day #2147483647 of nobody being able to find a mesa badlands biome, and I’ve realized, “Oh wait, stonemason villagers sell random terracotta.” Cue an excessively massive array of terracotta salesmen.

Since the Villager Ravine in my basement has been getting pretty full, and because I wanted a bit more “lore” for my compound, I’d been planning on building out a manmade (pupmade?) village in the woods behind my TBD castle anyway, so a masonic lodge for a small company’s worth of stonemasons seems like a reasonable choice.

I had initially planned for the village to be much more lowkey, but after digging around for inspiration and coming across the Freemasons’ Hall in London, I decided maybe this village can be a bit grander than I’d originally planned.

The building still needs some work, the interior can be cleaned up a bit and I’m not quite happy with the roof, or with how “dominating wall of deepslate” it looks from the side angles, but it’s a solid start and I’m mostly happy. Just a little scared now for what excessively grandiose building I try cobbling together next.

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