the alyx web services cinematic universe

I run a lot of services. While many of them are limited access or for personal use, there’s also a good handful of things I run essentially as a public service. Meet the cast of characters:

Serving files up to 2.5GB and storing them for up to seven days, swoops in to be a convenient (and secure!) file-sharing solution. runs Send, a de-branded and still maintained fork of Mozilla Send. All uploaded content is encrypted at rest and decrypted at download with a provided client-side key.

In need of a quick, convenient image uploader without enough ads to drown a fish? comes to the rescue, letting you send a snip to anyone! runs Plik with a completely redesigned frontend for a sleek, modern look. With, you can upload images and send them directly to someone else, regardless of the platform.

A developer’s best friend is their project’s source code, and storing it always comes with complications — how visible does it need to be? Are you okay with the terms of whichever large forge you’re dumping your code on? Et cetera. keeps things simple by providing a small, convenient location for keeping your code safe, secure and accessible. runs Gitea, and comes with its sidekick, Woodpecker, a minimal but very functional CI system.